4,000 Soviets Retreat to Blagovestchensk

Where Anarchy Reigns

This news clipping was found in my father's papers (2nd Lt. William C Jones of the Russian Railway Service Corp). It is from an unknown oriental newspaper of the week of Sept 10, 1918. The news services quoted, Asahi and Kokusai Direct Service are Japanese new services.


Simionov Creating New Army Nucleus in Released

Territory--More Chinese Troops

Asahi Service

HARBIN, Sept. 9.--In the battle of Muisovya, on the southern bank of the Lake Baikal, the Soviets and Austro-Germans were severely defeated by the Czechs, sustaining the loss of 6,000 in killed and 2,000 in prisoners. Owing to this defeat the enemy has been completely discouragedand Chita was captured by the Czechs. Martial law has been proclaimed in Chita which is now in the hands of the Czechs and Cossacks.

Anarchy in Blagovestchensk

Asahi Service

VLADIVOSTOK, Sept. 8.--According to a report received from Heiho the number of Soviets who have retreated into Blagovestchensk has reached over 4,000 and the town is in a state of anarchy. There are two parties among the enemy as to the future plan of operations. One of them, perceiving that the fortunes of war are against them, is in favor of discontinuing resistance to the Allies, while the other section advocates the removal of headquarters to the direction of Seiya for the purpose of defense


Now Army Nucleus

Kokusai Direct Service

HARBTN, Sept. 8.--General Diedrichs and Dr. Girsa, formerly of Paris, are going to Vladivostok. Col. Gaida and General Horvat are following them to attend the conference of the leaders of the allied councils.

Ataman Simionov is recruiting the Cossacks in the trans-Baikal and province of Amur.

Five groups of corps are the nucleus of the new Russian army in the released territory which is being

Open More Communication

A connection between the Simionov force from Manchuli and the central Czecho-Slovak force has been effected at the Onon valley, Trans-Baikalia, and communication is now open to the Allies between Vladavostok and the Murmarr region, by way of North Manchuria and Central Siberia, the Soviets and Teuton prisoners on bhe Amur railway only remain to be Jealt with. As the Soviets have been gradually retreating opinion is expressed in the Allied headquarters that order throughout Siberia may be restored earlier than expected.

Dieedrichs Resigns

Kokusai Direct Service

HARBIN, Sept. 8.--General Diedrichs has resigned and the eastern Czechs are overtaking the organization of the Siberian forces. Colonel Gaida is commanding the Czechs at Omsk and Colonel Kaditz is in command of the Vladivostok group.

China Sends More Troops.

The War Office issued the following communiques yesterday:

Contingents of the Simionov force and of Japanese cavalry entered Chita Friday evening and met with an enthusiastic reception of the Japanese and Russian residents there.

Owing to the grave situation at Blagovestchensk and vicinity China has decided to dispatch more troops to North Manchuria. The first detachment of Chinese troops will be sent to Heiho from Tsitsihar in a few days.

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