Emerson / Dascomb Family History

William B. Jones and his daughter, Isabel "Emerson" Jones
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William C. Jones I

Milo Jones and
sons Howard,
William C. II
and Percy

Photos by W.C.
Jones II of Russian
Railway Service in
Japan 1917 - 1918

Charles Edward Jones,
Indian Scout

66th Illinois

Probable Jones

Other Jones

1710 Bedford Census


Morss - Morse

Raplee Coligny

Admiral Coligny



Hills Figgins

Smith family
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It is strange, but I have nothing but Emerson and Dascomb family photos and bible records, and none of the familial recollections that are needed to give body and life to this account. I have walked the graveyards of Bath, NY and noted the neglected Emerson, Dascomb and Coote stones, but have learned little from them. I am hoping that distant cousins may yet supply additional material.

Back in the 1970s I contacted Mildred Dascomb who was the last of the Jones family still living in Bath, New York. Although I then lived in New York City, without a car it would have been impossible for me too travel to Bath and visit with her. Mildred did however, share information on the Jones family with both me and my cousin Noel Jones. She was a pleasant person and I regret not having an opportunity to visit with her.

She was born Mildred Belle Emerson in 1890 and died in 1978, a few years after I had spoken to her. She was living at 205 S William street, across from the old Jones farmsted house but it had been torn down a few years before.

Fortunately Mildred had sent a great deal of information on the Emerson and Dascomb families to my cousin Noel Jones, which has been of great assistance in building this site. Most of the photographs on this site came from Mildred. The Emerson bible is now in the possession of Noel Jones jr. who lives in Montana.

Forest, Eliza Coote Emerson, her daughter Mildred and Grandmother Isabel Jones Emerson

A family picnic at a lumber camp

Below is a chart showing the known descendants of William B Jones and his third wife, Elizabeth Bailey. We are presently pursuing information descendants of George Jones, a carpenter who lived in Kansas. Alonzo died in a Confederate POW stockade in Florence, South Carolina. Any corrections and additions to this chart would be greatly appreciated.

Descendants of Elizabeth Bailey

1 Elizabeth Bailey
.. +William B. Jones 1803 - 1895 . 2 Sarah M. Bailey Jones 1823 -
. 2 George M Jones 1832 - 1863
..... +Sarah
..... 3 George M Jones 1875 -
..... 3 Stephen Jones 1877 -
..... 3 Della Jones 1880 - 1977
..... 3 Mable Jones 1882 -
. 2 Isabel (Beth) Jones 1837 - 1912
..... +Oliver Emerson - 1899
..... 3 Charles P Emerson 1857 -
......... +Eliza Coote - 1940
......... 4 Mildred Belle Emerson 1890 -
............. +William Dascomb 1887 - 1965
............. 5 Harry Emerson Dascomb 1916 -
................. +Helen Bowyer
............. 5 Katharine Elizabeth Dascomb 1918 -
................. +John D Blum
............. 5 Mary Jane Dascomb 1920 -
................. +Cecil R Rhodes
............. 5 Doris Lucile Dascomb 1922 -
................. +Ralph E Rhodes
..... 3 Henry Emerson 1859 - 1950
. 2 Alonzo Jones 1841 - 1865

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